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 Ricky Gache Dip WCF ATF began his apprenticeship at 16 with Howard Cooper OBE FWCF Hons.  He trained with Howard for 4.5 years and the stayed for another 2 years as a qualified farrier.


Ricky was lucky enough to assist Howard with a lot of remedial cases; so his love of corrective and performance shoeing began.


Ricky then started his own company and now runs a team of qualified farriers and apprentices.

 Over the year Ricky has been asked to lecture/demo in different countries including Dubai, Canada and Sweden.  He specializes in different shoes and is the only farrier in the uk to use the PG shoe.  He also uses Natural Balance, Epona and Imprints shoes,  all with different qualities and benefits.  Ricky is a great believer in new and progressive farriery.

He has had amazing success with remedial cases and also prides himself on keeping all horses under his care sound and free for foot related injurys.


His clients include Olymic dressage riders, World Champion Drivers, International Showjumpers

Ricky in training




Ricky is an expert in remedial shoeing and will happily work with any vet to ensure your horse has the best chance of recovery and return to its peak performance.

Ricky Gache FarriersRicky taking a call.

Not Just A Remedial Farrier!

Ricky and his team of qualified farriers and apprencitices also carry out routine shoeing from large yards to one horse owners.

Ricky is unique in that he looksat the whole horse and not just before shoeing, he assess the horses movement and soundness both on the soft going and hard ground and discusses with you the owner, before selecting the most appropriate shoe and method for that horse.

Ricky will only employ farriers and apprentices who have a kind manner and affinity with horses and who are willing to take a holistic approach when shoeing.

Rickys talent as a farrier has led him to be in high demand, he works closly with the RSPCA and World Horse Welfare remedially shoeing the welfare cases and acting as an expert witness in their court cases to prosecute cruel owners.

He shoes for several top riders, Olympians and Grand National winners who will only have Ricky to shoe their valuable horses.

Ricky has worked in Canada and Dubai training farriers in the use of the PG shoes which Ricky introduced to the country 11 years ago.

Ricky's wife Mandy acts as his secretary and will often be at the other end of the phone when you ring, she is an advanced Dressage rider so will often be able to advise clients.

Ricky is a regular contributor to equestrian articles and magazines.